problem compiling -current on Debian

Jan-Uwe Finck
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 21:47:27 +0100


as I try for some time now to compile -current on a 'unstable' Debian
machine, I stumble across the same error over and over:

checking for db1/db.h... yes
checking for gtk_html_new in -lgtkhtml... no
configure: error: Cannot find gtkhtml.  See the README for more info.

Installed are these :

gtkhtml 		0.8.2-1
libgtkhtml-dev 		0.8.2-1
libgtkhtml-data		0.8.2-1
libgtkhtml-7		0.8.2-1

Are these libs really too old, or is that erro message completely
misleading ?

Although I guess there's something I haven't installed, I couldn't
find it.
Any guesses ?

PGP-Public-Key on Request.