DNS is down

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
18 Feb 2001 09:08:51 -0500


Just so everyone knows what's going on... (Linas's home
machine) is off the net.  This is why has been down.
However there is another problem, which is that the second DNS
nameserver for,, isn't actually serving
the DNS domain.  This means that nobody on the 'net can
access the domain (including people trying to send mail to
this list).

I'm sure that Linas knows that he's off the net, and I know that the
Gnumeric people know about the DNS problem.  But it may take until
next week until this problem is fixed.

I just wanted to let people know, so they didn't bombard the list with
"is the list working" messages.  You can test whether things are
working again by running "host" and having it return
pretty quick.  If it hangs for 20-30 seconds before finishing, then
the problems have not been fixed, yet.

Have a good weekend.


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