Image enabling gnucash?

Bakki Kudva
Sat, 24 Feb 2001 12:00:55 -0500

teri wrote:

 > Well, the available OCR software might not be up to par,  but there
 > is something out there:


 >      Public Domain OCR Software
 > Note the title of the last one...

Thank you for the links. Good to know about open source OCR. I am 
digging through the links to see what's out there. Just out of curiosity 
if nothing else.

 > Note that we're not talking here of understanding hand-written text
 > that is totally unstructured.  Receipts are usually well structured
 >  and only some relevant parts (that can be identified through
 > manual training) need to be fed to the OCR software.  Something
 > else related to this: how to identify receipts from the same
 > establishment/chain without OCR:
 > A template could be created the first time a particular receipt is 
 >  that contains only the non-changeable parts such as the name of
 > the business, address, etc... and then subsequent receipts are compared
 >  as they are scanned.  In this way, without OCR, some parts of the
 > transaction can be deduced.  When you add the OCR to the actual lines
 >  with money amounts in them...
 > I realize that all this is pie in the sky/castles in Spain/totally 
 >  vaporware, but hey! just throwing some ideas out.

Ideas are never a waste of time or energy. Then can always be acted upon 
when the time is right. Should definitely be added to the wish list. I'd 
like to see that the foundation is layed now so that the penthouse could 
be built at a later date.

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