Transaction report comments

Conrad Canterford
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 23:34:57 +1100

Comments and personal opinion only. These are not criticisms... :-)

The account names occupy the leftmost field, and cause its width to be
wider than necessary (thus cramping other fields). If possible, make the
header lines (all of them) cover the full width of the report (with a

Personally, I'd prefer it if the report required a horizontal scrollbar,
rather than squashing everything up and potentially causing wrapping.
This is especially true while the preferences pane is displayed. This
comment applies to all the reports.

Default (initial) report display: Would something like the last one or
two weeks worth of all accounts make sense?

As reported by dres and cstim on IRC, the dates are completely screwed.
In my case, in one particular account I have 10 entries over the period
of the report over 9 months. For reasons I cannot fathom, the first 3
(from the months of January, Februrary and March) appear on one date
apparently in April, but which is displayed as the 05/06/2000 (US
format, as all dates are backwards in the reports) which is not a date
that any appear in the register. The next three (from April, May and
June) appear on another date apparently in May but displayed as
06/19/2000. These 6 all have the same description. The next one has a
different description and is actually on the 1st of July, but shows in
the report as the 07/05/2000 under the June heading. The next three have
the same description for the first 6, and are for the months of July,
August and September, but they all appear under the July heading with a
displayed date of 09/13/2000. Hope this gives you some clue as to what
is going on.

There are other problems, but I lack the ability to explain them in a
way that would help - for example on one account the total doesn't make
sense: There is one transaction for +100, and another for -100. The
total says there is -100 in the account at the end - clearly wrong.

Send me an email or catch me on IRC if you want me to do further testing
or explanations.

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