etags crashes, ctags not

James LewisMoss
27 Feb 2001 13:59:30 -0500

>>>>> On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:25:57 -0800, Christian Stimming <> said:

 Christian> I got a crash from the etags program during compile:
 Christian> make[2]: Entering directory
 Christian> `/home/chs/lib/gnucash/gnucash-1.5' find . -name '*.[ch]'
 Christian> -o -name '*.scm' | sort > etags.files.tmp TAGS file list
 Christian> hasn't changed.  make TAGS.stamp make[3]: Entering
 Christian> directory `/home/chs/lib/gnucash/gnucash-1.5' etags `cat
 Christian> etags.files` make[3]: *** [TAGS.stamp] Segmentation fault
 Christian> make[3]: Leaving directory
 Christian> `/home/chs/lib/gnucash/gnucash-1.5' make[2]: *** [TAGS]
 Christian> Error 2

 Christian> which is kind of annoying :). However, I figured out that
 Christian> I have several etags implementations installed (distr Suse
 Christian> 6.4), e.g. another one called ctags, and the respective
 Christian> versions are

 >> etags --version
 Christian> etags (GNU Emacs 20) Copyright (C) 1999 Free Software
 Christian> Foundation, Inc. and Ken Arnold This program is
 Christian> distributed under the same terms as Emacs
 >> ctags --version
 Christian> Exuberant Ctags 3.3.1, by Darren Hiebert
 Christian> <>

 Christian> So I changed the etags command in from etags
 Christian> to ctags, and everything went fine since then.

 Christian> rlb: Perhaps you have to add an option to ./configure,
 Christian> something like --with-etags=FILE which etags executable to
 Christian> use.

etags != ctags

ctags produces a vi tags file.  etags produces an emacs tags file.
Maybe we want to add a "tags" target (the traditional name for a ctags


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