I would like to make and maintain portuguese (pt_PT) translation

linas@linas.org linas@linas.org
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 10:05:59 -0600 (CST)

It's been rumoured that Duarte Loreto said:
>    Hello!
> I'm Duarte Loreto, 25, portuguese and a member o POLI (Portuguese Project 
> for Linux Documentation - www.poli.org), besides consultant on a 
> multinational company.
> POLI dedicates itself to translate LDP material and create new 
> documentation. It also has several sub-projects like KDE translation 
> (www.kde.poli.org), lyx (www.lyx.poli.org), etc.
> I would like to translate GnuCash to portuguese (pt_PT). That would include 
> the po file, the documentation and site. POLI can host the site with an 
> address like www.gnucash.poli.org.

If you wish, we can also host this site, or mirror it.  We could put 
'poli.gnucash.org' into our DNS servers.  Let me know if you are
interested in this.

> I already started the translation of the pot template (1.5.3) into 
> portuguese. I would like to know if my contribution can be accepted and what 

No one else is working on a Portuguese translation, and so I see no
reason why yours wouldn't be accepted.  You should announce your
intentions on gnucash-devel@gnucash.org

> files I need to translate to get the manual to portuguese (the sgml files on 
> one of the doc subdirs?) 


> and what files to make the site translation.

I guess I will have to mail these to you... they are PHP files.
Let me know when you are ready.

> I would also like to knolw if a PHP parser is needed on the hosting site, as 
> well as database (mySQL?).

We don't currently use a database for anything, but I was planning on
adding a survey that would need mysql. 

> Waiting for your comments, with best regards
> Duarte Loreto
> www.poli.org