GnuCash command line

Dave Peticolas
Tue, 09 Jan 2001 00:54:56 -0800

"Austin Bingham" writes:
> I've been using GnuCash for quite a while now, and I have some ideas for
> additions that I think might be very useful and very simple. I wanted to
> make sure these features weren't already available (I haven't looked real
> hard, to be honest). If these features are not yet available, I wanted to
> find out from folks with experience on this codebase how they might best be
> implemented (i.e. through scripting, more C, or whatever).
> Basically, I'd like a way to add simple transactions to my accounts from the
> command line. I find that 90% of my interaction with GnuCash is the simple
> recording of withdrawals from and deposits to my checking account. I imagine
> many GC users have the same usage patterns. It's a little bulky, IMO, to
> fire up the full GC GUI just to record simple transactions, so I'd like a
> command line way to it, perhaps using a perl interface to the data or
> something. I am picturing wholesale reuse of the code that already does
> transaction recording, just called from a small little bit of code rather
> than the GUI callbacks.
> Again, this functionality might already exist, and if so, that's fantastic.
> If not, are there any ideas on a "good" way to implement this? Where should
> I look to see how it's already done? Thanks, and keep up the good work!
> GnuCash is a fantastic piece of work :)

Thanks! The functionality you describe doesn't exist and it would be
pretty cool.

The perl API into the engine is deprecated so using guile for the
actual data manipulations would probably be easier. The CVS version of
gnucash has support for running guile code passed into the command