Strange error while working on RPC backend

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
14 Mar 2001 20:17:42 -0500

Dave Peticolas <> writes:

> I think what is happening is that the old book isn't being
> destroyed. For flat-file backends, some of what should probably
> be done in gnc_book calls is handled in src/FileDialog.c, due
> to historical reasons. We plan on cleaning this up, but for
> now you might try doing what gnc_book_destroy is doing during
> the rpc server gnc_book_end call. I.e., make sure the book
> contents (account group & pricedb) are being destroyed.

I am calling gnc_book_destroy() (see below).  What else do I have to
do?  I can't find anything special in src/FileDialog.c.


] Enter: gncrpc_sync2_1_svc: ok

	gnc_book_save() is called here

] Leave: gncrpc_sync2_1_svc: ok
] Enter: gncrpc_book_end_1_svc: ok

	gnc_book_end() is called here

] Leave: gncrpc_book_end_1_svc: res = 0
] Info: myClose: Client Disconnected: 0x8175688

	gnc_book_destroy() is called here (well, it's called before
	the PINFO() above, but I don't have ENTER/LEAVE in myClose()

] Info: rpc_server_run: New Client connected: 0x817ee80

	gnc_book_new() is called here

] Enter: gncrpc_book_begin_1_svc: id="file:/home/warlord/GnuCash/GnuCash-test.xac"
	gnc_book_begin() is called

] Info: gncrpc_book_begin_1_svc: ret == true
] Leave: gncrpc_book_begin_1_svc: done 0
] Enter: gncrpc_book_load_1_svc: ok

	gnc_book_load() is called

] ** CRITICAL **: file sixtp.c: line 507 (sixtp_sax_end_handler): assertion `pdata->parsing_ok' failed.

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