QIF files not read on GNUcash

teri teri@superlink.net
Tue, 27 Mar 101 15:22:17 -0500 (EST)

> linas@linas.org wrote: 
> Great Job, it worked, but i did receive a parse msg regarding the date 
> format, i.e. 03/06/01 could be read as something like either March 6, 
> 2001 or 6 Jan 2003.  Is there something I can do to tell it which format 
> to use, i.e, 03/06/01 = MM/dd/yy? 

Quite some time ago I suggested that while the mouse is held for a few
seconds over the date field, the standard yellow window would pop up, but
instead of help text, it would contain the unambiguous description of the
date, such as March 6, 2001, or 6 March 2001, or 6-mar-01, or whatever
unambiguous description is appropriate for the locale in question.