Net worth report

Matt Martin
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 21:34:33 -0700

Hello all,

Reports are looking GREAT lately.
Been having a few issues with the CVS version and they have persisted
through a few weeks of devel, so I guess they are "real".
The gnome trouble tickets thing doesn't seem to be working, so I'll just
send this to the list.

First, my net-worth report comes up all zeroes with the default settings
(how sad...).
I have one stock account which split into tracking stocks a while back.
It has sitting with with zero balance for many months, no activity.
When I remove it from the default list of accounts, the net-worth
barchart then works ok.

My second report question is regarding equity accounts in the net-worth
According to the docs, opening balances should be drawn from an equity
However, the net worth report subtracts them out an artificially low net
Is this correct ?

Finally, are there any plans to use the price-db in formulating these
reports ?
It would be oh-so-special to have stock price fluctuations reflect in
the net-worth time trends.
                ( better now than a few months ago, doh)

Thanks for your collective help!


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