further plans with guppi, bonobo?

Dave Peticolas dave@krondo.com
Sun, 06 May 2001 01:00:33 -0700

Christian Stimming writes:
> Hi there,
> First of all: Why did the mailing list search feature disappear from 
> gnucash.org? I had to look through the whole Internet to find a searchable 
> archive at mail-archive.com :-)

This is probably another glitch that happened with the recent
website maintenance.

> I was wondering what our future plans of guppi integration are. Right now 
> we have the libguppitank interface to guppi, but it supports only a small 
> subset of Guppi's features. In a short irc chat today with Jon Trowbridge 
> he said that e.g. linegraphs and pricebars are working fairly well inside 
> Guppi. To use them via libguppitank one would 'only' need to write the 
> libguppitank wrappers which should be fairly straightforward.
> But I started to think about why we are actually using libguppitank. This 
> interface is another layer between the guppi features and gnucash. That 
> means it is an additional layer of code that has to be maintained in the 
> long run. What would be different if we use bonobo to interface to guppi? 
> Could it be that the "additional interface layer" is handled automatically 
> by CORBA, so that there's no additional code that has to be maintained? 
> And, by the way, what were the reasons for not using bonobo but instead 
> creating a new API? The mailing list doesn't have any discussion on that, 
> so I guess it was an internal gnumatic discussion -- does somebody recall 
> some of the arguments?

Bill Gribble will know more, but as I recall the libguppitank interface
was already in existance when we decided to use guppi. I don't think it
was created just for gnucash, but I'm not sure if any other apps use it.

Basically, I think we chose it because it was really simple to use,
there really wasn't a lot of discussion.

If using the main interface would give us enough good features then
I don't see why we couldn't do that in the next development cycle.