Automatic periodic actions

Laurent Jacques
Sun, 6 May 2001 17:48:23 +0200

> Now that the archives are back up, could you point us to the patch
> in question? I'm having trouble finding it.

Ok, I have found it now.
But In fact (my memory was not so good) no script/patch was given.

The message is the followwing
or in plain text:
>>>>> On Thu, 5 Apr 2001 16:50:06 -0500, Chris Moewes-Bystrom 
<> said:

Chris> Is there a way to add an entry at the command line like
 >> gnucash --add "Paycheck" "Checking Account" "Pay Check" "Income"
 Chris> Even this would be great as then you could write a simple
 Chris> program to create gnucash crontab entries.

I've seen a partially finished script to do this.  The person working
on it is planning on posting it to this list when he's done.


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Have you some new informations about this script ? 
Anyway, for which GnuCash version (1.8 ?) could you expect an included  
"scheduled tasks" tools ?

L. Jacques.
P.S. Gnucash is for me very powerfull. I prefer it to my old tools MsMoney. 
Good job.