Have a question on "new entry" and patch

Christopher Molnar molnarc@nebsllc.com
Sun, 13 May 2001 08:39:23 -0400


Can anyone give me a quick overview (or tell me where to look) of what
happens when a user enters a new transaction, for example a "non-split"
checking account debit.

>From what I can tell by looking in the databases a random transaction ID
is created that is linked to 2 account id's. The first one is a "debit"
on the checking account, the second one is a credit to the expense

Am I missing something major? and is the transaction ID truly a random
generated string?

Next question is I would like to submit a patch to the create-tables.sql
file (I think that's the name) to add an additional table to the
database structure. This won't have any impact on gnucash gui, but gives
me user and login info (configuration) for the servlet app I am working
on. The sql for the additional table is (Is there any chance that this
could be added?):

/* -------------------------------------------------------- 
  phpPgAdmin 2.2.1 DB Dump
  Host: nebsllc.com:5432
  Database : qagnc
  Table structure for table "tbllogins" 
  2001-13-05 08:05:56
-------------------------------------------------------- */ 
CREATE TABLE "tbllogins" (
   "login" text NOT NULL,
   "passwd" text NOT NULL,
   "fullname" text NOT NULL,
   "idcode" char(3) NOT NULL
CREATE  UNIQUE INDEX "login_tbllogins_ukey" ON "tbllogins" ("login");