[Christopher Molnar <molnarc@nebsllc.com>] Have a question on "new entry" and patch

Linas Vepstas linas@linas.org
Sun, 13 May 2001 22:33:12 -0500

> Next question is I would like to submit a patch to the create-tables.sql
> file (I think that's the name) to add an additional table to the
> database structure. This won't have any impact on gnucash gui, but gives
> me user and login info (configuration) for the servlet app I am working
> on. The sql for the additional table is (Is there any chance that this
> could be added?):

I suggest a modified patch.

The table gncSession is supposed to store this kind of info.

it already stores 'login' (as login_name)
and the 'fullname' (as gecos) (maybe gecos is a bad name; but that's
what the name of the field that contains the full user name and office,
and phone #, in /etc/passwd)  See for example pgendGetUserGecos
in PostgresBackend.c  Could change the name if you insist.

storing passwords is a generically bad idea (nver mind that kerberos
or public key logins won't have passwords)

idcode -- don't know what that is. If its the unix uid, then I decided
not to store that, mostly because I figured it could change from 
machine to machine, and also be inapplicable to kerberos or public key

The gncsession alos contains other inofo: login hostname, time of login,
time of logout.  We can add more fields to that table, if ti is

Does that help? 

> CREATE TABLE "tbllogins" (
>    "login" text NOT NULL,
>    "passwd" text NOT NULL,
>    "fullname" text NOT NULL,
>    "idcode" char(3) NOT NULL
> );
> CREATE  UNIQUE INDEX "login_tbllogins_ukey" ON "tbllogins" ("login");
> =============================
> Thanks,
> Chris
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