Begining of Java Servlet Inteface

Chris Shenton
14 May 2001 11:32:23 -0400 writes:

> I would suggest the thought that "multiuser" be considered completely
> synonymous with "using SQL DBMS."  The database provides an interface
> that supports many concurrent connections; that supports multiple
> users without needing to think very much about it.

Need to ensure the code to access the DB uses some kind of
database-neutral API layer so we don't get locked into
<insert your favorite DB>.  Would be nice if it could talk to MySQL,
Postgres, Oracle, or whatever the user/customer has. 

Also a DB doesn't necessarily shield  you from multi-user,
last-one-wins  data corruption.  Without DB "transaction" support,
there's no good way to have multiple people updating the same data and
guarantee they won't step on each others toes.  You'd have to work
around this for transaction-challanged DBs with extensive row/table