[Christopher Molnar <molnarc@nebsllc.com>] Have a question on "new entry" and patch

Matt Martin matt.martin@ieee.org
Mon, 14 May 2001 19:46:57 -0700


Latest builds look like they are doing the "Right Thing(tm)".


Dave Peticolas wrote:

> Matt Martin writes:
> > Dave,
> >
> > Before yesterday's update, I got an "all zero" plot for any single stock.
> >
> > After the update, the "No data available..." message results.
> > This doesn't feel like the right answer, as there IS value for the securities
> > during the time interval.
> >
> > In the original "account balance tracker" script, it was a lot of work to avo
> > this problem.
> >     The script had to seek through the whole history and "remember" the most
> > recent valuation and account for it in the time-averaging.
> >
> > To address this, perhaps an algorithm could be crafted to seek back in time u
> > an appropriate quote or transaction is discovered.
> > Then again, I haven't closely followed the progress of the code for quite a w
> > so maybe a fix is already in the works.
> This is the Net Worth Barchart, right? Or the Average Balance?
> I can't seem to duplicate this problem with my own stock accounts.
> I'm forwarding your message to Christian Stimming, who is working
> on reports atm.
> dave


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