Java Servlet progress

Christopher Molnar
Tue, 15 May 2001 23:48:19 -0400


I just want to catch anyone interested up on where I am at with the

First, you can access the servlet from:
 Login: gncqa
 Passwd: test

NOTE: This is my working directory. If you get an error (like server not
responding) try again in a few minutes. I am probably just restarting
tomcat to implement a change.


->login/authentication (some of it disabled making it easier to test)
->Session management
->Read all accounts, present balances on main screen.
->Expense accounts all show year-to-date totals (that's really what
->Entry of new Credit card and bank transactions (Currently single line
entry only)
->list all transactions in account
->list all entries in a transaction
-> md5 hash for guid's is working: Formula is
This should eliminate the possibility of dupes on ID's.

Next steps:
(Please, I could use suggestions here)

-> Do some documentation to make it useable
-> Neaten up what is there. Some will move to JSP pages (easier to
format and code).
-> Fix entry of Stock, Mutual fund transactions
-> Try and get multi-line transactions working properly.
-> Add Account type table
-> Add User Based security configuration. Who can do what.
-> Add Accounts Recievable (Invoicing)
-> Basic Reporting (prior year, transaction, categories)

As you can see, it's come a LONG way in a few days. I could REALLY use
some suggestions on how to make it more usable.

Please let me know if you have any questions.