dependency hell

Fri, 18 May 2001 08:27:43 -0700

...........I already had versions of some of the depends which I didn't
realize..when I then just went to install
gnucash,g-wrap,libguppi,libgnomeprint then it installed fine......

anyway I just wanted to chime in for support of this great 'opensource'
project which does way more than i'm currently utilizing :) and look
forward to that tap later.......moneydance is fine and a good program in
its own right but at least on my end ( pII450/128ram/13.6HD/16MB-TNTRiva
) its 'overall' performance is unacceptable for my basic
requirements........but i've heard thats partly ? to blame of linux's
java implementation..just what i heard please hold flames to a bare
minimum ..........

anyway just in case it helps as i mentioned above my depend problems
were that I was --install(ing) everything ..and i already had some when i brought it done to above i was fine........maybe
that applies to others..anyway I have RH7.1/gnome1.4 and current...