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rob@myinternetplace.net rob@myinternetplace.net
Sun, 20 May 2001 19:58:44 -0700

>>>>> On Sun, 20 May 2001 19:48:32 -0700, Alan Orndorff
>>>>> <dwarf@solarisresources.com> said:

Alan> As stated previously, Solaris ships with CDE as the desktop and
Alan> not Gnome.  Sun does ship Gnome on a seperate cd, which I've
Alan> recently learned that you can download an ISO image of, IF you
Alan> like where Sun sticks things on the disk AND you know how there
Alan> compiled.  I know neither.  Doing it the hard way takes
Alan> everything that was listed, and at least I know how it was
Alan> compiled, and if errors come up, I have a better chance at
Alan> changing versions, recompiling with different configure
Alan> switches, etc....

I know that this might not be a popular request, but would it be
possible for the gnucash guys to release a statically linked binary?  

I realize that the memory footprint would be HUGE, but for as un-often
as Alan runs gnucash, and the time he has put into it already, it
may have already been a better use of his time to double the RAM in
his machine, instead of trying to compile gnucash himself.

Also, having a tinderbox setup, which continually builds gnucash out
of cvs, and even has a target of a static binary, would allow more
people to easily beta-test bleeding edge stuff without messing up
their current gnucash install.