1.{56} dependency list

Phillip Shelton shelton@usq.edu.au
Mon, 21 May 2001 13:21:23 +1000

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> >> > Most of the above are basically the result of using a nearly complete
> >> > gnome environment.  The only exceptions I see are tar, textutils,
> >> > make, sed and texinfo.  I'm not sure on the ghostscript thing.
> >> > ...
> >> As stated previously, Solaris ships with CDE as the desktop and not
> Phillip> If it is any consolation, your next gnome app will not take
> Phillip> anywhere near as much trouble to get working.
> As someone who is fine with what kde ha to offer, what if this is the
> only gnome app I want?  (thanks to debian, I don't have the same
> problems that Solaris users do)

I do not have an answer for this.  If it is the only gnome app you will ever
run, then a staticly linked binary is probably the way to go.  The footprint
can't be much larger than having all those gnome environment libs on your