dependency hell

Rob Browning
21 May 2001 13:16:35 -0500

Dan Kegel <> writes:

> The real problem might be that none of the web pages at
> (even the download and software requirements pages) mention that
> Gnome 1.4 (which has only been out five weeks!)  is required for
> gnucash-1.5.

But gnucash 1.5 is an unstable development release.  While I agree
that having better documentation of what's needed for building the
development versions would be good, it's a *huge* job to keep all
these up to date during the volatile development process for a bunch
of platforms.  It's much more likely that we'd have the time to
develop a stable list of requirements after freezing for release,
which we're now doing.

> I am well aware of, and as an earlier reply indicated,
> the RPMs one grabs from there are a mixed bag.  I'm not sure I'm
> willing to trust them 100%.  I'd be much happier with an authoritative
> set of links on the gnucash web page.  The 'Requirements' page is
> helpful for developers, but nowhere near easy enough for average users.

But average users should be using 1.4.X, or are the requirements there
wrong too?  (If so, please let us know and we'll fix it.)

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