(minor) report bugs

Dave Peticolas dave@krondo.com
22 May 2001 02:16:27 -0700

On 21 May 2001 09:19:17 +0200, Herbert Thoma wrote:
> I'm running KDE and I can't find a GNOME control center.
> There is a program gnomecc in /opt/gnome/bin but when
> I try to use it, a window comes up with a tree in the
> left half and an empty space in the right half. When
> I click on any of the nodes of the tree, I get an
> error message "unable reach the gnome control center"
> in the shell where I started gnomecc.
> Any suggestions?

Do you have a control-center & control-center-devel package?
What happens when you run gtkhtml-properties-capplet?