Assignigng VAT values to accounts

Klaus Ridder
Sun, 27 May 2001 15:15:42 +0200

It would be great, if some prior sort of VAT functions could be implemented
very soon. Just take this example I currently have:

Domain Names
| Network solutions, USA  (without tax)
| Network solutions, USA  (without tax)
|  NetBeat, Germany (16% tax)
|  Netbeat, Germany (16% tax)

I simply cannot put them under one account "Domain names", because that way
I don't have a possibility to make my VAT report correctly.

Do you have any idea how I could handle this? (I need to ddo the tax report
in the very near future...)

Suggestion: Currently, the  {tax}  flag is assigned to any account I want.
Wouldn't it be possible to assign a second flag, the percentage, too?  I
mean, just as a "work around" solution.
And implement another column to the VAT report: "percentage" and the
calculated VAT value.

This cannot be _too_ difficult; I would do it myself if I could ... is there
anyone who would like to implement that?