Transaction report

Dave Peticolas
31 May 2001 01:17:22 -0700

On 31 May 2001 18:11:56 +1000, Damian Ivereigh wrote:
> Hi guys,
> For the last few versions the stable gnucash (1.4.xx) and certainly in
> the version I am using now: 1.4.11 the transaction report output is
> completely backwards. Each line begins with the amount, then the
> account, the number and finally the date.
> Did something change in the last few months around this?

The transaction report in 1.4.x hasn't changed for some time
so I'm not sure what's causing that.

> Also I have been searching high and low to try and find some docs on how
> to write reports in Guile. Can anyone point me at any?

There is better documentation in the 1.5.x version (and a lot more
reports to use as examples). Further 1.5.x has much improved 
infrastructure for writing reports, so you may want to wait
for 1.6.0, which is due in about 2 weeks.