doc problems

James LewisMoss
31 May 2001 13:47:50 -0400

I didn't want to go messing with this stuff not knowing how things
were setup and planned, but here's the issues I see with the docs (I'm
willing to fix these issues I just wanted to make sure I'm not messing
with things that are meant to be a certain way):

1) There are nested "Getting Started" sections in
   xacc-quickstart.sgml.  Maybe the sect1 "Getting Started" should be
   removed and all the sect2's should be promoted to sect1's.

2) "Getting Started" section should be at the top.  Not halfway down
   the page.

3) A tip mentions looking at a What Changed section, but a quick scan
   didn't find it (it may be there).  If it exists it should be
   prominent (subsection of the first section on the page) or it
   should be created if it doesn't exist.

4) Like 1 above, nested "Finding transactions with \"Find
   Transactions\" dialog"

5) If an article doesn't have any sections it gets no space between
   it's title and the next article's title making it seem as if it's
   one long (and ofter confusing) article name.  Adding a
   <sect1><title></title>...</sect1> around all the content in the
   file gives it a nice space from the rest.  This problem exists for
   "Preferences", "Balance Tracking Report", "Creating a
   \"commodity\"", "Account Window", "Profit and Loss Statement",
   "Printing", "Tax Report / TXF Export", "Transaction Report",
   "Detailed TXF Category Descriptions", "TXF Export - Known Anomalies
   and Limitations", "TXF Export of tax data", and "GnuCash Y2K

That's it for the moment.


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