HBCI online banking

Christian Stimming stimming@tuhh.de
Tue, 02 Apr 2002 13:12:19 +0200

Hello Martin,

[I'd like to answer in english so that the Gnucash community can follow 
the discussion.]

Martin Preuß wrote:

> OpenHBCI ist inzwischen soweit, dass man es benutzen kann.

 > The library for the German online banking standard, OpenHBCI
 > http://openhbci.sourceforge.net/, now is
 > at a point where it is actually usable.

That's great to hear. I'm surprised that I completely forgot about it -- 
seems like I should subscribe to your mailing list really quickly.

> Ich habe mir mal GnuCash angesehen, aber ich finde die Struktur so 
> kompliziert, dass ich gar nicht wuesste, wo man den HBCI-Support da 
> hineinpacken koennte.

 > I've had a look on Gnucash, but I find the structure extremly
 > complicated so that I can't see any starting point for including
 > HBCI support. Would you and/or sombody else like to help?

I'd like to help for implementing HBCI in Gnucash. AFAIK I'm the only 
Gnucash developer who has spent some thoughts on HBCI support. There 
have been some ideas for OFX support, but none of them really got 
implemented IIRC.

I've written some comments on the internal structure of accounts in 
Gnucash, see
but don't be too discouraged by this :-)   -- the point of that writeup 
was only to emphasize that there is *no direct* mapping from gnucash 
account to HBCI account. I thought I had another writeup about how you 
*would* actually support HBCI from Gnucash, but I can't find it right 
now -- maybe later.


PS: Martin, how about an HBCI planning meeting in Hamburg? I live in