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Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
02 Apr 2002 11:35:17 -0500

I for one would love to move back to a binary format...  Then again I
was always saying that moving to XML was a Bad Idea (TM).

In my (hopes) to make the data model more data-driven, IMHO the
easiest way to implement this would be for each data type object
to implement its' own I/O routines.  See src/business/business-core/file/
for an example for XML.

Unfortunately most things currently assume that "file" implies
XML.  Uggh.


linas@linas.org (Linas Vepstas) writes:

> > The binary format was really a dead-end. It was very brittle, with
> > subtle endian and architecture issues, and continuing to extend it
> > was going to be an extreme headache.
> > 
> > (end quote)
> Except that this statement is completely incorrect.  It wasn't brittle,
> it had no endian or architecture issues, it was easy to extend (a *lot*
> easier than the current xml format) and it didn't need to be a dead
> end.
> The *only reason*  the xml file format was created was so that we could 
> have an HTTP server for gnucash.  Unfortunately, this goal was lost, 
> and the current XML format is *not* suitable as a client-server
> protocol.
> The binary file format is easier to maintain than the xml, and its *a
> lot* faster, and tinier to boot.   This is not new news; this has been
> true since the dawn of XML, and some XML projects have moved away
> from an ascii format to a binary format for speed and compactness 
> (e.g. vrml)
> The binary format was dropped because once we had a working xml,
> everyone was too lazy to maintain two different formats.
> I, for one, would support work to put a good binary file format back
> into gnucash.
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