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Phillip Shelton shelton@usq.edu.au
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 15:39:02 +1000

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Sorry about the last post.  I did not mean to make it look like Paul was
saying this paragraph.

Not sure on the size, not at my home machine at the moment, but yes I am
aiming to have multi-year data back to 1987.  I have already entered the
data from 5 bank accounts from 1987-1991.  (I know, I can be stupid/stubborn

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From: Paul Lussier 


>> As I said previously, the average home user isn't going to have so 
>> much data in their file that the size is going grow to such a state 
>> as to impact them or the performance of their system.
>That's not what I've been hearing from other users that I've been
>talking to.

That may be.  I'm going based on what I've been seeing on the GnuCash 
mail lists. Maybe I've missed some posts.  It would be interesting to 
see what kind of system specs and file sizes we're talking about 
though.  Are people realizing 20 or 30 megabyte files?  Are these 
multi-year files?  Would this be solved by the introduction of 
accounting periods so that for instance, each year was in a separate 
file?  Just curious.
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