bug report

NAGY Andras nagya@inf.elte.hu
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 17:26:55 +0200

Hi developers,

This mail is about a meta-bug report and a simple bug report.

I've just found a minor bug in gnucash, and tried to report it.  Open
up the manual and select the `Report a bug' node.  Read error message
about disabled http access.  Unable to find out which URL it tried to
open, so cannot open it with my preferred browser.  Point my browser
to gnucash.org, cannot find any info about how and where to send bug
reports.  Give up paranoia, enable http access and use the builtin
browser thingie to fill out bug report form.  Spend time to word bug
report and fill form.  Submit it, read error message

| Error
| There was an error loading the specified URL.
| Error message:
| Host not found

Unable to find out which host.  Hit back, bug report lost.  Fuck.
Look for bug reporting info in /usr/share/doc/gnucash and
/usr/share/gnucash/doc, find nothing.  Send mail to gnucash-devel,
spend time again to word bug report.  I hope you can guess my problem.

And the bug report itself:

Gnucash version: 1.6.6 on debian unstable, no gnome installed (but the
necessary libraries)

Category: Top level display

Severity: wishlist

Bug report: There is no option in the user interface to change the
default, ad-hoc order of accounts in the Accounts tab.  The widths of
columns in the same tab are not preserved accross sessions.