Unrealized Gains(Losses)

Guitoun guitoun@wanadoo.fr
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 21:49:38 +0200

Le Mercredi 10 Avril 2002 21:45, Guillaume a écrit :
> Hi every body.
> I try to use the Balance report of Gnucash to calcul the "appreciation" of
> FUND accounts.
> In the "Accounts" I select all my FUND accounts
> In the "General" I select Nearest in time (prices are updated automaticaly
> from wanadoo)
> My problème is that I can't find out how the "Unrealized Gains(Losses)"
> report line is calculated.
> I think it should represente de "depracation" and "appreciation" of my
> FUNDs but it doesn't seam to.
> Does any one knows how the "Unrealized Gains(Losses)" report line is
> calculated??
> Is there an other simple way to calculate depracation" and "appreciation"??
> Doesn't Unrealized Gains(Losses) be egal to : current price * shrares less
> (sum of buy - sum of sell) ???
> thank you very much.

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