GNC error/warning dialogs

David Hampton
19 Apr 2002 14:17:45 -0700

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On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 13:41, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Sounds good to me.  Centralizing duplicated code is, IMHO, a good
> thing.  Also, you can probably test whether a message is invariant by
> checking if there are any arguments.  If there are no arguments, then
> you wouldn't need to do anything special.

I can either scan the format string for the '%' character (ugh), or see
if I can extract any information from varargs.  I don't see how to do
the latter, and the former is probably just as much work as simply
copying the string in the first place.

> As far as changing the argument order, I have no problem with that,
> personally, provided you do a global search-and-replace and fix all
> occurances ;)

Just call me Mr. GSR. :-)  It wouldn't work any other way unless I came
up with all new function names.  I'd have compiler errors galore.


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