Scheduled Transactions

Josh Sled
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 17:00:15 -0700

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 04:33:36PM +0000, wrote:

| I still have the same problem as before: some of the schedule entries have blank transactions (as reminders I think). If the system tries to process them, it goes into some kind of infinite loop. I really should go back and try to track it down more carefully, but was wondering if you might have a quick fix.

I'm not quite understanding; please correct me where I'm wrong:

You have some scheduled transactions which have nothing in the "template
transactions" area.  When you attempt to create them, the sx-since-last-run
goes away [with the rest of the application] for a long time [seemingly

| Since there doesn't seem to be support for choosing which transactions are generated (all or nothing), I cant really get past this issue unless I delete all of the scheduled trans. and start over.
| Any thoughts ?

1. It may not be infinite; the since-last-run code is seemingly
inefficient for large transactions-creation volumes; it hangs the rest of
the application and there's no feedback of anything going on; you might
just let it go for a while and see what happens.

  a) After it comes back, you can Cancel the since-last-run dialog
  [which may take a while to revert the changes], then go into the
  "Preferences..." | Scheduled Transactions  tab and unselect "Run on
  Startup"; this will allow you to only run since-last-run on demand,
  rather than automagically.

I plan on looking into the long-run-time issue this weekend, time
permitting.  I want to make it faster, and at least not hang the app.

Also, I'll try creating a transaction with no template transaction and
see what happens.

When you say "choosing which transactions are generated", this is something
I've thought might be nice [though I phrased it "deferring transaction
creation"] ... how might you envision it working ... how do you want it
to work?


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