Unrealized Gains(Losses)

Guitoun guitoun@wanadoo.fr
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 16:52:41 +0200

Ok but does "weighted averged" realy represent what i paid? 
Is not  "weighted averged" the average upon time price  of the commodity 
configured in the security of the account?

Shouldn't what I paid be the sum of the buy column  less the sell column?


Le Vendredi 19 Avril 2002 17:08, vous avez écrit 
>  > From: Guitoun <guitoun@wanadoo.fr>
>  > Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 22:29:06 +0200
>  >
>  > Hello, Mr Hagerty
>  > As you can see in the joined mail, I have problems with the Gains and
>  > Losses results.
>  > Dave Peticolas told me that you could answer.
>     It's calculated as the difference between what you paid for the
> asset vs what it's worth.
>     What you paid is what you see when you select "weighted averged"
> for the price source in the balance sheet.  What it's worth is
> calculated using whatever price source you told the balance sheet to
> use.  If you select "weighted average" as your price source, your
> unrealized gain should be zero.
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