gnucash 1.6.<mumble> crashed, can I replay the log?

Gerald Champagne
07 Feb 2002 00:25:53 -0600

> Could I convince someone, anyone, to go into TransLog.c and gut it, and
> replace it with the following very very very simple code:
> printf ("(gnc:split-set-memo split %s)", xaccSplitGetMemo (split));
> and so on, down the line, so that the contents of the resulting log file
> would be valid scheme that could be piped to guile, to recreate the lost
> session? 

Isn't the xml file format just a list of events just like the log file? 
It would be really interesting if the log file could be stored in the
same format as the xml file.  Then you could recover by just doing:

cat old_data log_file > new_data

Does the xml file parser support all possible events so it could recover
from a random log of events?

Of course if this is possible, then each event can be saved directly to
the xml file immediately just like with Quicken (and compressed with a
save operation).  Wasn't this one of the reasons for the switch to the
xml file format?