SX editor bug (?)

Josh Sled
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 20:10:02 -0800

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 10:59:58PM -0500, Tim Wunder wrote:

| Using gnucash 1.7.0 from cvs dated 1/21/02.
| I recently had occasion to change the amount of the SX for my weekly pay (tax 
| law changes...).  The SX has three entries: a debit to Checking, a debit to 
| Savings and a credit from Inc Sal. When I change the amount of the debit to 
| checking and <tab> thru the rest of the line, I am presented with a empty 
| register window rather than the next line in the SX (by "empty" I mean that 
| all entries have disappeared from the window and I'm presented with an empty 
| register line). If I press <Cancel> and the bring the SX back up into the 
| editor, the change I made to the Checking debit is accepted, but the rest of 
| the SX becomes unbalanced (I didn't get to off-set the debit change with a 
| credit change). This happens regardles of which line I change. If I don't 
| make a change, I can <tab> thru the lines normally.

This is related to some recent Query-related changes/deprecations which
have occurred ... I've had very limited Gnucash bandwidth recently :(,
and have only gotten time today to follow up on this.  Hopefully it can be
resolved relatively quickly, but I'm not sure... if you need to use CVS
for stuff, I suggest reverting to a pre-11/25/01 CVS build [it appears
that the critical Query change occurred then].