Change in account name completion behaviour?

Herbert Thoma
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 22:25:28 +0100


I remember that I had the same behaviour some time ago,
but right now it works as it should.

I can't tell what caused the changed, but I suspect it
was the update to SuSE 7.3.


Dave Peticolas schrieb:
> On Fri, 2002-02-22 at 11:38, Christian Stimming wrote:
> >
> > I've noticed this for a few weeks now, so eventually I should ask:
> >
> > Has there been any change in the account name completion behaviour? Scenario:
> > I enter a transaction in the register. During this action I try to enter an
> > account. Gnucash does an account name completion, plus when I type the
> > account seperator character, it completes the top-level account's name and
> > presents me the account name of the lower level. This used to mean that for
> > the account Assets:Checking:MyBank I needed to type (provided there were no
> > ambiguity) 'a' ':' 'c' ':' 'm' and I'm done.
> >
> > It used to be this way until and including the last stable release IIRC
> > (1.6.5).  But since then there showed up a change in the stable CVS branch
> > that made this way of entering account names more difficult. Namely, typing
> > the ':' character kept one character marked too much: Before, typing 'a' ':'
> > made Gnucash to complete 'Asset:---' and keeping the '---' part marked, but
> > NOT the ':' character. This way, typing the first letter of the subaccount
> > (here a 'c') made Gnucash to complete the name of the subaccount. The way of
> > right now is different: Typing an 'a' ':' makes Gnucash to complete
> > 'Asset:---' but keeping the ':---' part marked, that is, INCLUDING  the
> > colon!  If I then type the first letter of the subaccount, the replacing
> > makes 'Asset:---' change into 'Assetc' and I can't reach the subaccount
> > anymore, unless I type a backspace and delete the character from the wrong
> > place.
> >
> > This is annoying. Was there a good reason for this change that I missed? Did
> > anybody else notice this behaviour? Or is the error in my installation?
> I don't recall such a change being made. I cannot repeat this
> on my own system (I can still do <letter> ':' <letter> ... and
> gnucash doesn't highlite the colon. Has anything about your account
> names changed recently?
> dave
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