QIF import problem (with sample)

Frank Murphy fjm_maillists@yahoo.com
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:12:12 +0100

I recently exported old data from Quicken 98 on Mac. When I import it 
into GnuCash, I end up with some of my transactons having half of the 
split multiplied by 100. I've included a sample problem. It seems 
that the face that the Q-field is 600 and not 600.00 makes this 

YMoney Fund

For now, my workaround will be to modify the QIF so that the (around 
8) Q-fields will get a ".00" appended. This seems to have worked.

A strange side-effect is that after importing, viewing this 
transaction (and not doing anything) causes GnuCash to complain that 
a change has been made and should it be committed. I assume that this 
is because the QIF import doesn't have to play by the double-entry 
rules, but the GUI notices. It would be nicer if the QIF import 
noticed these problems and warned the user, perhaps giving 
instructions on how to report the particular broken transaction.

A similar looking problem is that I can't change the price of this 
comodity to $1. When I try, it gets turned to 0.01. For now, I've 
priced it at 1.01, which is wrong, but closer than 0.01.

This program is pretty nicely done. Thanks so much.