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Michael + Jennifer Garrison Stuber
Sat, 8 Jun 2002 11:13:51 -0700

From: Glen Ditchfield <>
> Could you just use Scheme for this, instead of inventing another language?

I know there are a bunch of GNUCash developers that are fond of Scheme, but
let's be realistic here:  how many end users are familiar with Excel/Lotus
spreadsheet syntax versus how many end users are familiar with Scheme?  The
reason my company implemented a spreadsheet language was to provide maximum
functionality/flexibility to non-programmers.  By extending the vocabularly
of a syntax users are already familiar with, we make things very
approachable to users.  If you're just interested in something for computer
geeks who know Scheme, Lisp, or other variants, Scheme is just fine, but I
doubt you'll find many users.  If you want to provide real value to a guy
who has been running his business on spreadsheets and wants to move to
something more powerful this could be a very welcome feature.