Again, EUR symbol in reports

Christian Stimming
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 22:41:05 +0200


Sorry for having yet-another-Euro bugreport, but this concerns basically 
everybody who has more currencies than only Dollars...

On Dienstag, 14. Mai 2002 01:42, Neil Jerram wrote:
> Marcel Felgentraeger <> writes:
> > I have the EUR currency and can see the symbol in all account windows
> > and in the small panel in the main windows. My problem is, that I can
> > not see it in any report I create. I thought that those use the same
> > font as the rest of gnucash, but that seems not to be the case.
> > Can anybody help me? Oh, I am using 1.6.5 on suse8.0.
> Try removing the "@euro" from the value of your LANG variable.  (Or
> add it if it isn't already there!)

Now that I updated to Suse 8.0 I can precisely reproduce that problem. Can 
you, Neil and Marcel, please confirm whether I correctly describe what's 
going on? The tip with "@euro" removing from LANG just changes the locale 
settings so that currency amounts are always printed with "EUR" instead of 
with the euro symbol. While this is ok as a workaround, we should still try 
to get the "real thing" (tm). So here's the problem description:

1. The EUR symbol (looks like: ) is *correctly* shown in the register where 
the "Current: xx Future: xx Reconciled: xx"  amounts are shown, and due to 
the locale settings of "de_DE@euro" the amounts are correctly shown with 
number and trailing euro symbol.

2. The EUR symbol is *not* shown in any gtkhtml widget. Instead it shows this 
weird circle-something-symbol. In the source code we get a &#164; -- should 
this result in a euro symbol? If yes, does anybody know how to get gtkhtml to 
display the EUR symbol? Also, during startup I get a bunch of warnings like:

Gdk-WARNING **: Missing charsets in FontSet creation
Gdk-WARNING **:     ISO8859-15

(ISO8859-15 is just the usual western character set ISO8859-1 plus the EUR 

3. In the main window, the "net asset" widget does *not* show the EUR symbol 
but the same stuff as number 2, but I don't use that display anyway so I 
don't care here.

4. In any Guppi chart, I get just nothing instead of the EUR symbol. But any 
Guppi improvements will have to wait until we port gnucash to gnome2... so 
that problem is likely to exist well into next year. 

For the time being, I would be interested if anyone can help us out with 
problem #2. Ideas?

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