Mutual fund units

Paul Lussier
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 19:36:24 -0400

In a message dated: 09 Jun 2002 22:58:13 EDT
Daniel Tessier said:

>Here's an interesting little problem I've noticed. When setting up a
>mutual fund commodity, I set the "Fraction traded" field to 1/1000.
>However, when entering a quantity in the account window, it always gets
>rounded (i.e. I enter 83.441 which gets reset to 83.44). This seems to
>occur regardless of whether I have "Automatic Decimal Point" turned on
>or off, and "Auto Decimal Places" set to 2 or 3.
>Any ideas?

I've noticed this too!  I figured ultimately it probably didn't 
matter too much, as long as the price/share and current value were 
correct.  But it sure would be nice to not have this rounding occur.

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