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> You work on Gnucash, right?
> Just forwarding on some comments from my local list.
> - Jeff
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> > When are we getting an Aussie accounting Package (with GST support)
> Well I've just successfully completed a BAS using gnucash.
> Following a previous tip on the slug list about setting up
> GST liability and asset accounts, this worked very well for me.
> gnucash is double entry, and requires you to understand
> that plus to certain accounts is a debit, others is a credit.
> I must say though, gnucash is the only tool I've used that I understood 
> exactly what was going on. It is very simple, really only a general ledger
> system.
> I have used quicken, quickbooks, MYOB. I will never ever use MYOB again.
> Those bastards took my money (well, yours and mine, the $200 the government
> pissed down the drain for us all at the introduction of GST) and
> gave me back a complete piece of crap.
> This was a complete national scandal, and not one word in the papers.
> Gnucash has some weaknesses : the reports could be better (but this
> should be relatively easy, just some DSSSL), some things are quirky
> (AUD for $). Other things are nice : data / date entry is very
> smooth, polished.
> There are web based general ledgers, but the setup is a little steep.
> SQL-Ledger. Requires web server and PostgreSQL. I get the feeling
> the authors make a living tailoring and installing it. The doco
> is sparse. I don't think it would be quite as convenient doing
> books this way. However, if you were big enough and you had a
> book-keeper / accountant tuned in and willing to work this way it could
> be really good. In fact, for an accounting firm this could be a great
> business tool.
> Gnucash works very well for me. There are some anomalies. My GST
> accounting is on a cash basis, but normal books are accrual. I don't
> know how this works with Quick or MYOB.
> My opinion is that the GST environment and reporting requirements
> in Australia are such that any GST reporting business has to have
> someone who understands the basics of accounting. Either that
> is a book-keeper/accountant, or yourself. No software can truly
> hide this, in fact hiding it makes the potential
> for mistakes leading to tax liabilities worse.
> I've had a very experienced book keeper go completely astray with MYOB.
> In the end, it is you signing the tax forms, and you that will pay
> the penalties.
> Jamie
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