Business Accounting available for developer-testing

Derek Atkins
05 Mar 2002 14:40:41 -0500


I recently checked in code that should allow people to start using the
business accounting package.  It's in current-CVS, so you have to be
willing to play with bleeding-edge software.  Currently it only
supports load/save to XML files, so you can't use SQL, and if you are
using SQL then you wont be able to save your business work.

However, I believe that the code is at a state where, if you want, you
can start playing with it.  So, go ahead.  I know there are still a
number of major lack-of-features, but I'd like to get others'
opinions.  Please send comments and bug reports about the business
accounting packages to me.

Oh, in order to run this code you need to set the GNC_DEBUG environment
variable to 1:
        GNC_DEBUG=1; export GNC_DEBUG           (bash)
or      setenv GNC_DEBUG 1                      (tcsh)

Thanks, and enjoy!

       Derek Atkins
       Computer and Internet Security Consultant