Small patch: from-date on account summary

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
12 Mar 2002 10:06:55 -0500

Note that a simple fix to get both sets of functionality would be
a boolean flag "use-from-date".  If this flag is true, then the
report will work between the dates.  If the flag is false, it will
report from "Time 0" to the 'end date'.  This way both types of
reports are available.



Christian Stimming <> writes:

> Lars Clausen wrote:
> > I found myself in need of an account summary covering only the last month,
> > so I hacked account-summary.scm with inspiration from pnl.scm to take a
> > from-date and to-date.  If you want it, take it.
> Err, I'm sorry, but I don't quite get the point of the account summary
> covering a period of time. Okay, there is no commonly agreed sense of
> the term "account summary", at least not in the sense as there is for
> "balance sheet" and "profit and loss report". Until now I implied that
> the account summary would be used in the sense of a balance sheet. If
> that is the case, then a from-date should *not* exist since a balance
> sheet covers everything from minus infinity up to one specific
> date. Maybe in some settings this is different, but in the other cases
> it would be necessary to offer the possibility to switch off the
> from-date in that report.
> Could you elaborate on what you are using the account summary for? My
> guess would be that you are actually using it as a kind of
> profit-and-loss report.
> Thanks for your contribution, nevertheless. For the time being this
> report patch is a little too drastic to commit it into CVS as-is, but
> we might find a good use for this after some more discussion.
> Christian
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