Compiling on Mandrake 8.2

Michael T. Garrison Stuber
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 12:13:53 -0500


	Like an idiot I went ahead and upgraded my desktop to Mandrake 8.2.  I am 
now getting a linking error when I try to build GNUCash.  The error is 
identical to one reported under Debian Woody back in January.  When the 
make scripts go to link up the GNUCash executable GCC spits out:

gnome/libgncgnome.a(dialog-totd.o): In function `gnc_ui_totd_dialog_create':
/usr/gnucash/gnucash-1.6/src/gnome/dialog-totd.c:110: undefined reference 
to `gnc_get_current_tip'

plus twelve other "undefined reference" errors.  All of the undefined 
references seem to be in guile/libgncguile.a, which is happily referenced 
in the link line.  I've tried playing with different make settings.  I've 
rebuilt from a clean sync from CVS.  I'm going out of my skull here.  Help!

Michael T. Garrison Stuber