Gnucash 1.8 freeze/release TODO list

Christian Stimming
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 10:07:22 +0200

Even though a feature freeze within the next few weeks doesn't leave 
much time to add *new* features, I would still consider this to be a 
reasonable choice for precisely a *feature freeze*. Given that we all 
don't have much time for gnucash hacking at the moment, we should 
probably just admit that there won't be much progress ATM, and release 
those features that are already there but not more.

That said, here's my HBCI todo list, plus the estimated workload in 

- finish Setup druid (4h)
- finish balance retrieval (4h)
- add transaction retrieval, and syncing that with the generic 
transaction import (12h)
- add transaction invocation at bank (16h)

During the next weeks, I can probably commit something like 4-6 hours 
per week of work on gnucash. I.e., if we decide to have a feature freeze 
by End of September, I would have finished the balance retrival but 
nothing more. However, this would be okay with me, as other HBCI 
features can be added without much change in any other code. So the 
other HBCI features could as well be added in 1.8.1 and so on.

Derek Atkins wrote:

> This list should go into Bugzilla.  I think I've added my todo
> items there to keep track of them.  

Where in bugzilla have you added your todo list? I can't find it. Also, 
I wouldn't consider bugzilla to be the optimum tool for keeping track of 
a todo list. Rather, how about some features of

And to bring up some slightly loosened schedule proposal:

Mid-Oct Feature Freeze
Mid-Nov Deep Feature Freeze, String Freeze, only bugfixes
Mid-Dec Release 1.8.0