Budgeting in GNUcash

Kieran gwalpole@bigpond.net.au
15 Sep 2002 13:07:45 +1000

Hey guys,

I've been using the software for a while now and I gotta say, I love it
and 'preciate what you guys are doing.

I've noticed that a upcoming feature is budgeting and that's something
that I am personally very interested in seeing. I would like to try help
out any way that I can, however I'm not a programmer.

Could someone (firstly) explain what the current status is (i've
reviewed the budget.txt and it was last updated in 1998) and (secondly)
what I can do to help out, whether it be testing the current progress,
producing test reports, writing documentation, or providing suggestions
on how I think it should be run.