gnucash OFX

Benoit Grégoire
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 20:07:35 -0400

On Tue 17 September 2002 17:39, John P. New wrote:
> Benoit,
> I have been testing the OFX capabilities of gnucash, and I was wondering
> if you needed feedback? I deal with three Canadian banks (Royal, Scotia
> and Toronto-Dominion), so I can get OFX/QFX files from each of them to
> test.
> I haven't seen any GUI discussion of the OFX modules since your July 14
> email announcing the module. Would you prefer I make comments through
> bugzilla, the developers' mailing list or to you directly?

Yes, I need feedback, about any issue you encounter, suggestions you might 
have about the design or usability, trouble compiling or even success 

Most developers currently prefer bugzilla, but for now I prefer emails to the 
list (you can CC me if you want, the list had a few outages lately).  

As for the GUI, it should be in CVS as of this week.  I would love it if you 
could update you CVS and test it.  I need as much feedback as you can give 
me, while it's still fairly early.  Please note that transaction matching 
using the OFX unique ID is temporarily disabled.

I am currently concentrating on Investment transactions support in LibOFX but 
I should be able to fix any problems you encounter fairly quickly (and 
restore unique id matching...).   Also, many other improvements have made it 
into CVS in the last week.

> Great module, by the way. I have been looking forward to OFX/QFX support
> in gnucash for a long time.

Thanks a lot, this kind of comment is the only pay we get to keep us 

Good night,

Benoit Grégoire