gnomeUI-warnings at startup with menu item insertion

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
22 Sep 2002 19:41:07 -0400

Christian Stimming <> writes:

> > >   (gnc:add-extension
> > >    (gnc:make-menu "HBCI" (list gnc:window-name-main "Reports" "")))
> >
> > I've build the openhbci library and rebuilt gnucash with hbci support.
> > I don't see the problem you are having.  Your "Tools/HBCI/HBCI Setup"
> > menu appears without any complaints from gnucash.  This is in a tree
> > with no local changes. I suspect there's something else wrong with your
> > tree.
> As I've mentioned earlier, this is indeed caused by a non-C locale. Try 
> running gnucash with LANG=de or some other non-C locale, and you will see 
> these warning. Probably some strings have been translated that shouldn't be.

Or, more likely, some strings have NOT been translated that SHOULD be.
Try chaning the code to:

        (gnc:make-menu "HBCI" (list gnc-window-name-main (N_ "Reports") ""))

> Christian


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