Gnucash 1.8 proposed schedule (and HBCI status)

Christian Stimming
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 11:01:33 +0200

Here's an updated HBCI planned-feature list, since I managed to get 
quite some stuff working. Note that I still can't recommend the HBCI 
subsystem for widespread testing, since it is quite likely to contains 
heaps of bugs, and it also requires frequent updates of your openhbci 
installation. Interested users should still wait until the official 
announcement of the feature freeze.

- finish Setup druid (2h)
- finish Balance retrieval with account reconcile (2h)
- finish transaction invocation at bank (2h)
- add hbci job queueing, so that several transactions can be sent in one 
connection (8h)
- add transaction retrieval, and sync that with generic transaction 
import (12h)

Given my current spare time, I think I'll finish these features until 
Oct 6. What do other people think about their planned features and how 
long it will take to complete them? Of course we could always come up 
with more features :-) , but for a new stable release we need to decide 
what goes in now and what goes in later.

How about the following schedule for a stable release *now*:

Oct 13 Feature freeze, release 1.7.1-alpha

Oct 27 Total feature freeze, initial string freeze + initial translation 
work, release 1.7.2-alpha

Nov 10 Deep freeze = only bugfixes, String freeze, call for 
translations, release 1.7.3-beta

Nov 24 still Deep+string freeze, only reviewed bugfixes, release 1.7.4-beta

Dec 8 Release 1.8.0, or if needed another 1.7.5 release and 1.8.0 on Dec 22

Of course the alpha/beta release numbering scheme is up for discussion, 
as is the whole schedule. What do people think?