howto import define-report in account-piecharts.scm

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
26 Sep 2002 09:53:20 -0400

Larry Evans <> writes:

> I got the cvs version working; however, the GNC_RUN_AS_SHELL
> doesn't work anymore, despite what the README claims.

Right -- the CVS version is no longer a standalone application.
It is a bunch of modules that get loaded from guile!

> Does the cvs version have an alternate way of running as shell?

If you want to run it as a shell, you run:

        gnucash-env guile

File a bugzilla report so the README gets changed.

> I think I need this to diagnose the qif parsing problem; however, if
> you have a possibly better idea, I'm all ears.

Add a bunch of "(display ...)" functions to the perl code to do some
"printf debugging".

> TIA.


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